Hi, my name is Virendra Chandak.
I am currently working as a Lead Developer at Internet Brands. I sometimes write about technical things. I hold a patent (US Patent No. 9,195,776) for Systems and Methods of Multisite Administrator Logging.
New technologies, newer techniques and newest ideas are my passion and I like to keep learning new things.
I graduated with Masters in Computer Science degree from University of Southern California in Dec 2010. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology from Nagpur University in June 2007.
Currently I work as a Senior Developer at Internet Brands. I work with my team on ensuring that we optimize our sites and make all code scalable across multiple sites. We work on maintaining and developing new features for over 125 websites. I work on PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, vBulletin, Foundation.
As part of my work experience I worked as a Software Developer Intern at Interneer Inc. and developed tools using VB .NET. I worked as a fulltime Software Engineer at Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd., India for two years, in web development under E-commerce and Internet Advertising domains using PHP, MySQL, HTML, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Working at Cybage I learnt about the professional environment and the importance of the Software Development Lifecycle. My role as the Quality Lead and later as the Configuration Controller helped me gain experience in maintaining the product quality along with managing the resources.
Apart from this, I had multiple opportunities of being a member of and heading various student organisations and clubs; during which I learnt about teamwork and time management. I am a self motivated person and do not shy away from hard work.