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How to remove WordPress version parameter from JS and CSS files

In my last post I mentioned how we can remove WordPress version number from the page source and RSS feeds. However, they are not the only places where we can identify the WordPress version number. Many CSS and JS files in the WordPress also have the WordPress version number appended to their source. In this post I will show how we can remove the version number from them too.

We can use one of the following 2 methods. Just added the code for one of the below methods in your theme’s functions.php file. The first method removes the “ver” parameter from all the enqueued CSS and JS files. The 2nd method removes the “ver” parameter only if its value matches the WordPress version number.
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How to remove WordPress version number

By default WordPress adds a meta tag which displays the WordPress version number that your WordPress site is running on. The version number is added just for tracking. This information can be useful to hacker to identify which version of WordPress you are running. If you are not running the latest version of WordPress the hackers can try to target the known vulnerabilities in that version to hack your site.

Note: This is just one way to identify the version. Also, even if this information is not available hackers might still try to hack it using other ways. So it is recommended that you always have the most up to date version of WordPress running.

In this post I will show you some wrong and right ways to remove this information.
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