Getting real client IP address in PHP

Many times we need the visitor’s ipaddress for validation, security, spam prevention, etc. Getting the Visitor’s ipaddress is very easy in PHP. The simplest way to get the visitor’s/client’s ipaddress is using the $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] or $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_HOST’] variables. The variable in the $_SERVER array are created by the web server (like apache) and we can use […]

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more .htaccess tips

more .htaccess tips Read More »

.htaccess tips

Topics Covered: What is .htaccess file? When to use .htaccess file? Disadvantage of using .htaccess file Authentication using .htaccess file Custom Error Document Allow/Disallow Directory Listings What is .htaccess file? .htaccess file is used on Apache Web Server to make configuration changes on per-directory basis. This file contains the configuration directives and are applied to

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Cachebuster code in JavaScript

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Tools for Web Development

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